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Bringing legacy applications into the modern age

As applications progress through their life cycle organisations are faced with addressing non-functional requirements such as maintainability, compatibility, portability, extensibility and security.

Examples of issues that arise are:

  • Software components or frameworks become outdated and unsupported

  • API incompatibility with other applications

  • Applications cannot run on newer and supported operating systems

  • Functional extensions to the application are not easily designed, developed or deployed

  • Security vulnerabilities cannot be addressed in obsolete software versions


For some organisations, circular dependencies mean that it is difficult to know what the next step should be to modernise legacy applications.


The Inov8 team can provide interim support for older technologies while identifying a roadmap or strategy forward. An application audit will identify critical components and risk areas, but a “business first” approach will ensure recognition that “business drives technology”.


Inov8’s skilled and experienced practitioners have the expertise to update applications in order to minimise risk, bring application components back into support and provide enhanced business functionality. The team work using methodologies that support the organisation and include DevSecOps and either Agile, Waterfall and/or a hybrid solution and plan.

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Migrating your applications into the cloud

Many organisations have adopted a strategy to migrate their applications “to the cloud”. There are various options that may be adopted for each application. Selection of the most appropriate option for an on-premise application may be based on the business function, the lifecycle status, the risk profile and the operational cost of the application.

Typical cloud migration options that are available are:

  • Transfer the application function and associated data to a an “off-the-shelf” SaaS solution

  • Uplift the existing application into a cloud hosting environment

  • Re-develop the application, optimised for the use of cloud services


Inov8 will draw on the experience of our analysts, designers, developers, testers, change managers and project managers to work with a client in selecting an appropriate option, and then determining the application, integration and data migration requirements that will be needed. The will ensure that the organisation aligns with the Government Cloud First Policy.


The range of services provided by Inov8 start with problem analysis through to delivery, deployment and “business-as-usual” operational support.


Inov8 currently provides development and support services for SME and government organisations both on-premise and in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Our in-flight projects include cloud migration analysis, planning and deployment.

Bespoke applications with specialised integrations

While there is a valid trend for organisations to adopt commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or SaaS solutions, many business functions require software solutions that demand a level of customisation that cannot be supported by a “one-size-fits-all” approach.


A bespoke solution can be designed from the ground up to support specialised or unique business processes, and integrations with various data sources and peripherals.


Our team has had experience with applications needing:

  • Legacy database integrations

  • Legacy application integrations

  • Payment disbursement to multiple business systems

  • Integration with payment providers

  • PCI-DSS compliance

  • RealMe identity


This is where a team specialising in custom application development comes into its own. Full stack development using standard industry software frameworks means that Inov8 provides total solutions that are easy to support, and that will grow with evolving business needs. We will help you on your journey to move to SaaS and COTS products while integrating back to existing systems.

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Business Intelligence

Inov8 can assist you by assessing whether or not you have a strong business need and whether there is a clear business benefit by doing an assessment before the project even begins.

If a case is found for developing a business information solution, Inov8 provides the full range of software engineering services, from analysing and profiling your existing data, gathering, transforming and combining it from multiple disparate sources, right through to producing visualisation tools such as dashboards and reports. 

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