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Innovating solutions, delivering results.

We collaborate with you to deliver software solutions that add real value to your business.

Innovative Software Development

to Drive Your Business Forward

Inov8 is an established software development company in New Zealand, established in 2005. Our custom software solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across within government and private sector organisations. Our clients span various government agencies and different industry sectors.

We specialise in modernising applications, migrating applications to the cloud and developing bespoke applications with custom integration requirements for large government and private sector clients, aligning with the Government Cloud First policy.

Modernising applications …

Many core applications supporting critical business processes reach a point in their life where they need to be modernised. This can be due to software components that are no longer supported through to whole development frameworks that have been superseded. Another concern can be the diminishing people and skills available to provide software support for both fixes and enhancements.

Because planned and future business initiatives can be constrained by legacy software limitations, businesses often need existing applications modernised to effectively align with business strategy.

Our team has skills and experience that position us to provide support for legacy software applications through to the modernisation of applications using contemporary software technologies and frameworks.


Migrating applications …

With the drive towards application availability and resilience, remote application access for staff and cost control, many organisations are “migrating applications to the cloud”. This architecture principle can be manifested in many ways – from a “lift and shift” relocation to a cloud hosting environment to implementing new cloud-optimised solution, or somewhere in-between.

The optimal cloud migration strategy requires careful consideration of business change, technology constraints, resources and costs. The migration approach may vary from application to application.

Our team can assist with the evaluation of each application from a cloud-readiness perspective. The team can then provide the software support for an application relocation, or develop an updated cloud-optimised solution while maintaining integrations and migrating data.


Bespoke applications …


Every business is different and business applications often need to meet unique business processes or constraints. A bespoke application is often needed to meet such business requirements. There are often custom integrations with external systems or data sources, and with specialised peripheral devices.

Our team develops innovative software solutions that cater for these situations. We have had experience with various unique integrations including enterprise applications, payment providers, open data sources, identity providers and specialised hardware devices.

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